Rooted in Truth Ministries Introduction

You’ve come across this blog of Rooted In Truth Ministries and, unless you’ve been here before, you’re probably wondering what it is and why you should care. We hope you’ll appreciate the scope of what we’re hoping to do on this ministry. Here’s what you’ll see from us:


1. A local Christian, Biblical perspective of things that impact you in your everyday life. We know there are things going on across the globe affecting how average Christians engages with that same world. We’ll examine our city and region and the various things happening in them to speak out a Biblical response. We have a personal context, just like you. We want to be helpful as you respond to things, just as we are responding to similar things. Even if you disagree we hope your time on this site will help you discern through things through a Biblical perspective. We desire to examine our slice of the Earth through a Biblical lens with the end result being other believers edified, encouraged, and Biblically empowered to respond to similar scenarios in their own context.


2. Evangelistic resources to watch and share. There are a lot of resources available online and sometimes it can be a daunting task to sift through them and determine which would be the most useful for which scenario. We hope to help you sift through things by creating fruitful Gospel messages or sharing what others have shared. We are so thankful to proclaim that the tomb of Christ is empty and that He sits at the right hand of the Father, and we want to tell others about the importance of Jesus Christ’s resurrection. These resources will be primarily available through our Empty Tomb page.


3. Interesting, creative, and Biblically saturated media to edify the believer in Jesus Christ. We’ve found a wealth of creative minds at the local church level and we want to learn to tap into these dear brothers and sisters to build each other up in Christ. Stories, music, videos, and any other media we can tap into will be used to express Bible truth in unique and passionate ways for the purposes of teaching and reminding. As one Christian artist once said, “The world is not subtle, why should we be subliminal?” (Shai Linne, “Taste and See”). These resources will be primarily available through our DWHAN page. DWHAN stands for, “Do We Have A Name?” and you can find more info about that on the DWHAN page.


Everything we do here we’ll strive to be rooted in the truth as we do it. We recognize that whatever we seek to do is vanity if it is not built from the ground up in the context of God’s word. Our perspective, our desires, our lives, and our personal contexts are vain if they aren’t rooted in truth.


We hope that you’re blessed by this website.